Saturday, 4 October 2014

UpClose with Leroy Marc

Who is Leroy?

He's a lawyer turned creative- he's a model, stylist and radio head. A fashioned fiend and happy kid.

When going to an event and you need an outfit what goes through  your mind?

What is the mood of the event? An outfit is like a theatre production. Pick your lead, whether it be a tie or socks, and assemble the rest of the "cast" to support your lead. And believe in your look, all the way.

If you don't believe in your look how can I?

Which century do you think effects the most and why?

1920s, the same decade when Chanel changed the face of fashion by reinventing the pant suit for women, "refined" and "restricted" became the new freedom, the same principles have persisted and that's what guides my style decisions. True style endures beyond the trends, and your brand can do the same by wearing the timeless, not the timely.

 Who is your male style icon and what makes you like them?

Tom Ford for redefining fashion for men, for bringing Gucci and YSL from the brink of fashion obscurity and making fashion accessible for Everyman and the everyman:

When look at a men who is dressed well what do you look for?

Fit... If it fits well it doesn't matter whether it's kris van Assche or Balmain or something off the rack, if it fits well it will look good.

What is the one fashion piece in your wardrobe that you would die to lose?

My confidence, but materially my blazers, my blazers are to me what LBDs are to women.

What is the one piece everyone needs on the red carpet?

Performance, it's show time and you must play the camera and red carpet cues and all. Materially? Cologne, smell as good as you can, it inspires confidence and confidence inspires comfort in your skin and nothing photographs as well as confidence.

A man of many talents and tons of passion 
Leroy Marc is one of South Africa's most stylish personality.
Aman who knows what he wants, and understands fashion and stlye